Band of Builders gets the thumbs up from Nick Knowles

At Band of Builders, we're over the moon that we've had a bit of celebrity endorsement - from the king of DIY SOS himself.

Months ago, this all started with a real-life DIY SOS involving builders from across the country, led by Addam Smith, who carried out a full renovation of Keith's home in Lincoln.

If you've followed our story (and if you haven't, take a look at the 'Keith's story' page to find out more), you'll know that project has grown into something much bigger - the Band of Builders.

We're still undergoing our own fundraising to buy Keith's house for him, but we also want to help other people, so a gang of our own 'band' - including Addam - trooped up to Manchester a few weeks ago to help out on one of DIY SOS's Big Builds.

Band of Builders at DIY SOS

While there they not only helped someone else in need, but spread the word about Band of Builders - even getting the DIY SOS team involved.

Band of Builders at DIY SOS

Not just that, but Nick Knowles himself has got on board with Band of Builders, sending us his own 'I Lifted Keith' picture to go in our video that's set to take the world by storm within the next few weeks.

Addam said: "This all started because I just wanted to help my mate but it's grown into something much, much bigger than that and involves so many people it's unbelievable really.

"It was great to be able to fly the flag for Band of Builders and do something to help someone else, and for Nick Knowles to recognise what we're doing and support us is just the icing on the cake."

Addam Smith at DIY SOS

Addam added: "We're just putting the finishing touches on our 'I Lifted Keith' video which features all the people who have helped us out - including Nick.

"We're not stopping now, there's so much we can achieve and we can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for Band of Builders."