Carl Jenkins Project for Little Sadie

Location: Hoddesdon, Herts


Please note that we cannot guarantee being able to accept your kind offer of assistance. Due to the sheer number of people wanting to be involved in our projects our project managers are under pressure to adequately resource projects giving opportunity to as many members as possible but due to the constraints of site safety and practicality it may be that we are unable to accomodate all applicants. Please do apply and if we are not able to use you, please don't be put off applying for the next project.

Carl Jenkins is a plasterer from Hoddesdon. Carl and Nicola were having their 12 week scan for their second child when they found out that she could have issues with her heart. It was confirmed at the 20 week scan that she had a serious condition, a life threatening one. They were told that if they continued with the pregnancy, their baby would have to have open heart surgery about 5 days after birth. Things took a serious turn hours after she was born and Sadie stopped breathing. It took multiple attempts to intubate her as she had a narrowed airway, cleft palette. As a consequence, Sadie suffered lung damage which resulted in her being in an induced coma for 3 weeks. In week 4, Sadie was well enough to have the heart surgery she needed. A few weeks later though there were complications, at 9 weeks old Sadie needed an emergency tracheostomy as she had developed major breathing difficulties. Sadie is ventilated 24 hours a day and is on antibiotics for life. Carl and Nicola are supported by a full time carer and because of this care throughout the night, Sadie sleeps in the dining room.

We like to transform one of the downstairs rooms into a room fit for a princess, whilst making it practical for the carers because they spend their whole overnight shift with her. It will need to serve 2 purposes, to be a fun room for a little girl to call her own, and to house all of the equipment and medication that go with looking after a poorly girl like Sadie. Band of Builders will be making electrical, plumbing & heating changes, purpose built storage, lighting and full decoration as well as some changes to the outside garden for Sadie’s welfare. Sadie will continue to need round the clock care for her entire life and as such, this project will have a lifelong impact on the family and friends.
Because of Sadie’s acute condition, any work would have to be carried out when she isn’t there.

If you are related to Carl or Nicola are a friend or have any personal link to him, please let us know in the comments box below.
We will always try to give preference in the event that we are over-subscribed to people who have are personally involved.

Trades Required
Since this is primarily an internal adaptation project in a private home there is a limit to how many people we will be able to accept on the project and we are looking mainly for carpenters, electricians, decorators, plasterers, landscapers. Other trades may apply, but please be aware that we may not be able to use your services on this occasion. Please don't let it put you off applying for future projects.

Accommodation & Pay
We have negotiated special rates with a couple of local hotels, you will be given their details if required.
Unfortunately, we are not able to pay volunteers for their time or expenses.


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