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Band of Builders aims to help members of the construction industry when times get tough, whether that’s through hands-on projects, advice and support, or just the sense of community that has grown through the simple act of wearing a BoB t-shirt or hoodie.

It’s a movement united by a desire to help one another and do someone else a good turn, whether they're a friend, colleague or someone on the other side of the country. It's an organisation whose motto is about actions, not just words.




If you have a project in mind where you think Band of Builders could help, please click here to fill out our first stage application form.



Pippa's Project

ON NOW! A toddler born with an incurable skin condition is the latest person to get help from the Band of Builders, a group of volunteer tradespeople who help those in need across the UK.
Pippa Atkinson was born with 90% of the skin on her hands and feet missing and spent the first 23 days of her life in a Special Care Baby Unit. [Read more...]

Sadie's Project

Two-year-old Sadie Jenkins, daughter of plasterer Carl, requires a machine to breathe and had been living in a makeshift bedroom until now. A team from Band of Builders worked around the clock for eight days -battling extreme weather conditions - to transform Sadie’s family home in Hertfordshire to create an environment conducive to her medical needs. [Read more...]

Dan's Project

Dan Mcintosh is a father of 3, husband and carpenter, he’s been in the trade for many years but is now unable to work. 6 months ago, Dan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, he was given 18 months to 2 years to live. Band of Builders provided Dan and his family with a timber summer-house for their garden, a place where Dan can spend time playing with his 3 children and make amazing memories. [Read more...]


Band of Builders

Band of Builders is the story of what happens when people unite to help others. It started with one man’s desire to help his friend in his hour of need and has grown into a global movement run by tradesmen, for tradesmen.

From the first project launched by founder Addam Smith to help his friend Keith Ellick after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Band of Builders has proved what can be achieved when people pull together. It’s a story that captures the hearts and minds of people across the UK and beyond and has helped the movement grow beyond anything anyone could have dreamed.

We intend to build on our projects to continue to help assist people in their hour of need and to help change lives for the better. Of course, it's not just the beneficiaries whose lives are changed by Band of Builders' projects; ask any one of the hundreds of tradespeople that have worked on projects. The camaraderie is intense, forming friendships that will last for life!

If you want to get involved with Band of Builders projects, please make sure that you fill out our membership form. Just click JOIN BOB.

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