Project for Pippa Atkinson

 Phase 1 - Roofing 

Location: Ponthir, South Wales


Please note that we cannot guarantee being able to accept your kind offer of assistance. Due to the sheer number of people wanting to be involved in our projects our project managers are under pressure to adequately resource projects, giving opportunity to as many members as possible, but due to the constraints of site safety and practicality it may be that we are unable to accommodate all applicants. Please do apply and if we are not able to use you, please don't be put off applying for the next project.

Pippa is not yet two and has Epidermolysis Bullosa, which means that her skin blisters at the slightest touch; clothes, towels, nappies, even food cause her to blister. And she blisters everywhere; her mouth, ears, nose and she can't even put pressure on her feet. Infection of the blisters is also a serious problem that causes mass skin breakdown.

Her father, Damian is an electrician and works all hours to provide for Pippa, his wife Rhiannon and son Tom (6).

The family have raised some money to make adaptations to their house to accommodate Pippa's needs. Many local companies have also pedged support and have donated materials. However, there is a large shortfall. We intend to help provide aspects of these adaptations.

We will be providing the skilled labour in preparing flooring, fitting a specialist bathroom including a therapeutic bath with jets that exfoliate Pippa's skin, providing the materials and labour to roof the new two storey and single storey extension.

If you are related to Damian or Rhiannon, are a friend, or have any personal link to the family, please let us know in the comments box below.
We will always try to give preference in the event that we are over-subscribed to people who are personally involved.

Trades Required

PHASE 1 - is the roof.

PLEASE - at this stage we are only after Roofers and Carpenters. We will be announcing Phase 2 shortly for the remainder of the works, so please keep your eyes peeled.

Since this is an adaptation project in a private home there is a limit to how many people we will be able to accept on the project. Later on we will be looking mainly for bathroom fitters, carpenters, decorators, electricians, plasterers, plumbers and tilers. Other trades may apply, but please be aware that we may not be able to use your services on this occasion. Please don't let it put you off applying for future projects.

Accommodation & Pay
We have negotiated special rates with a couple of local hotels, you will be given their details if required.
Unfortunately, we are not able to pay volunteers for their time or expenses.


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Band of Builders rely on skilled tradespeople like you to be able to complete our projects, however we cannot guarantee to be able to use all those who offer their services due to the varying scale of projects.

Many thanks for taking the time to fill this form out, we really appreciate your offer of help.