Dan Macintosh Summer House Project

Location: Aveley, Essex

It may not be possible to accept further applications to join this project

Dan Mcintosh is a father of 3, husband and carpenter, he’s been in the trade for many years but is now unable to work. 6 months ago, Dan was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, he was given 18 months to 2 years to live. At exactly the same time, Dan found out his wife was pregnant with their third child. We will be providing Dan and his family with a timber summer house for their garden, a place where Dan can spend time playing with his 3 children and make amazing memories. The Band of Builders have hundreds of every trade, all of which would be proud to be part of creating a space for Dan and the kids, where in future the kids can go and remember their dad. Dan and his extended family would benefit from this project and in the long term, the project will leave a lasting legacy of Dan.

We are going to be building a bespoke summer-house with integral shed. The summer-house will be insulated and have power connected. In front of the summer-house will be a decked area complete with fire pit.
The existing lawn is to be removed and replaced with artificial grass. Existing paving will be retained.
All surfaces will ideally be the same level and easily accessible.
The garden will then be low to no maintenance.

If you are related to Dan are a friend or have any personal link to him, please let us know in the comments box below.
We will always try to give preference in the event that we are over-subscribed to people who have are personally involved.

Trades Required
Since this is landscaping based project in a private home there is a limit to how many people we will be able to accept on the project and we are looking mainly for Ground-workers, landscapers, carpenters and electricians. Other trades may apply, but please be aware that we may not be able to use your services on this occassion. Please don't let it put you off applying for future projects.

Accommodation & Pay
We have negotiated special rates with a couple of local hotels, you will be given their details if required.
Unfortunately, we are not able to pay volunteers for their time or expenses.


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You will be contacted by the project co-ordinator regarding your application to be involved in the project delivery team.

Band of Builders rely on skilled tradespeople like you to be able to complete our projects, however we cannot guarantee to be able to use all those who offer their services due to the varying scale of projects.

Many thanks for taking the time to fill this form out, we really appreciate your offer of help.