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 Our 3rd Project for a little girl called Sadie

Join Band of Builders. Tell us what you do and if you're prepared to pledge some time and skills in future Band of Builders projects. Our project managers use the information to resource projects, starting with BoB members local to projects, before the shout-out. Meaning supporters will always get to hear about local projects first. Don't forget to get your pin in the map too, so you can find local BoB supporters when you're home or away.

Band of Builders Story

Band of Builders is the story of what happens when people unite to help others. It started with one man’s desire to help his friend in his hour of need and has grown into a global movement run by tradesmen, for tradesmen.

From the first project launched by founder Addam Smith to help his friend Keith Ellick after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Band of Builders has proved what can be achieved when people pull together. It’s a story that captures the hearts and minds of people across the UK and beyond and has helped the movement grow beyond anything anyone could have dreamed.


[Click on the video to watch our moving documentary of Keith's Story]


Band of Builders aims to help members of the construction industry when times get tough, whether that’s through hands-on projects, advice and support, or just the sense of community that has grown through the simple act of wearing a BoB t-shirt or hoodie.

It’s a movement united by a desire to help one another and do someone else a good turn, whether they're a friend, colleague or someone on the other side of the country. It's an organisation whose motto is about actions, not just words.